LUCA in the News

June 25, 2019

Ellie (Woods) Kahle ('11)

“Choral Arts gave my Lehigh career purpose and an outlet to express myself surrounded by an amazing community. It was my home and safe place.” My name is Ellie (Woods) Kahle, and I am a Lehigh graduate, class of 2011. My time at Lehigh made me who I am today, and integral to that experience was my involvement with Lehigh University's Choral Arts and music program. Choral Arts gave my Lehigh career purpose and an...
June 25, 2019

John Cole ('82)

My dear friend and fellow Lehigh Choir alum, Karen (Lindquist) Randall, ’83, once told me “ I think when you sing with people, you form a bond with them that is unique. A choir is different from your normal circle of friends or other groups you form based on many shared similarities. It’s a more diverse group, drawn together by a single, mutual interest. It’s the love of music that matters, at least at first...


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