Something to Sing About

Since the founding of the University in 1865, singing has been a vital part of the traditions of Lehigh. Conductor and composer Dr. Steven Sametz, Ronald J. Ulrich Professor of Music, is only the fifth Director of Choral Activities in Lehigh’s long history. The program became co-educational upon the arrival of women on Lehigh’s campus in 1971. Dr. Hana Cai came on board as Associate Director of Choral Activites in 2023. She is the Robert Cutler Professor of Practice in Choral Arts.

One distinguishing quality of the Lehigh University Choir is its musical flexibility: In concert, the University Choir effortlessly moves from one genre to another. The University Choir has performed  major works such as Händel's Messiah, the Requiem settings by Mozart, Verdi, Brahms, Fauré  and Britten;  J.S. Bach's Magnificat, St. John Passion and a staged version of the St. Matthew Passion with Baroque orchestra; premiered many new works written specially for them, and been featured in concert with the Grammy-Award winning ensemble Chanticleer in the Monteverdi Vespers of 1610.   The University Choir performs tours internationally and performs at four major concerts on campus each year, including the candlelight Christmas Vespers. Concerts often incorporate other media, such as dance, photography, puppetry, and theatrical staging.



The Choir tours internationally; recent tours include Italy, Hawai’i, Portugal, China, Germany, and Spain. Last summer, we traveled to Ireland! To see some of our past tours, click here.


Auditioning for the Choir on the first day at Lehigh forges a bond with a close and supportive family that extends far beyond Zoellner Arts Center. Hailing from all academic disciplines and colleges at Lehigh University, students rehearse together and play together, making ties that last a lifetime. We’ve had several marriages from within the Choir, but we make no promises! We invite you to learn more about our Audition Process and the Lehigh Choral Arts Scholars Program.

University Choir Officers: 2023 - 2024

Lehigh University Choir takes pride in the independence of their student body. Every year the Choir elects a new student government to work with Doc and Dr. Cai to help coordinate concerts, lead rehearsals, and manage music. Below are the Choir officers for the current year:

Manager: Anna Forebaugh

Assistant Manager: Brennan Cruz

Treasurer: Cooper Finn

Stage Manager: Chris Stergion

Assistant Stage Manager: Ryan "RT" Hatfeld

Recruitment Manager: Caleb Reed

Alumni Relations Chair: Emma Clopton

Publicity Manager: Caleb Reed

Communications & Outreach: Tess Tuneski

Librarian: Alaina Thompson

Webmaster: Kyle Yenser

Historian: Robert Magnus

Camp Manager: Garrett LeBoutillier

Wardrobe Managers: Michael Fitzgerald & Rose Falletta

Food Manger: Rose Falletta