Not sure if joining choir is right for you?

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll be able to balance choir with other responsibilities and activities in college, or if you have other concerns about joining choir, don’t worry! We were all first years at some point too. Here are a few of our current members who have offered to share some advice and how music has shaped their college experience. As you can see, a lot of our members are able to pursue many interests outside of choir and have had a really rewarding experience. If you have any questions or concerns about choir or Lehigh in general, please feel free to reach out to us through our emails below too!



Luis Morales


Luis is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering and is a member of the University Choir, Glee Club, the Marching 97, and Symphonic Band. 


“I came into college as an extremely introverted person and I thought I would struggle to find my place at Lehigh. For the most part, this was the case except with the University Choir. The friendships I have accrued through this program have come to be some of my closest friends, people who I can truly rely on, and share moments with. It's always extremely touching to be able to look back to some of the most amazing concerts we've had and still be able to sing our parts to this day. I guess what I'm truly getting at is that the music department has given me a sense of community and belonging, outside of the classroom. It's a safe haven, away from all of the tests, studying, and stress that come with projects and homework. It has given me the opportunity to grow, become a leader, and be a part of something that represents Lehigh to the entire community.”


“One of the worries I had back in freshman year was that I was going to commit to too many programs and overextend myself. While there were moments that seemed like events were piled into the same week, exams came around the corner, and projects were due, I still wouldn't want to give up my experiences with the University Choir. There's a fine line that we walk to ensure that we do the things we enjoy, while also tending to the priorities of the classroom. But I would still recommend making time for both.”


Jacob Thompson


Jacob is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering / Biotechnology and considering minoring in music. He is a member of both the University Choir as well as the Glee Club and a member of the student run co-ed a cappella group The Lehigh Melismatics. He is also involved in undergraduate research under a professor working on protein simulation.


Music has made my experience at Lehigh. I always loved to sing, and my time at Lehigh really elevated something I simply enjoyed to a passion. The bond of the choir and my a cappella group is something incredibly special. We are all there for each other and having that opportunity to sing with your best friends is indescribable. I cannot recommend enough continuing to sing and pursue music in college, as you will never find a more loving and familial group.”


“I truly believe that Lehigh is what you make of it. You have so many opportunities when entering a college campus to take the next four years and run with it. No goal too small, no dream too large. There is something and a passionate group of people for every person at Lehigh. While I am only a sophomore and I haven't even quite spent a full year at Lehigh, I could not recommend it enough to someone.”


Caitlin Haas


Caitlin is a junior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology. She is a member of the University Choir and Dolce, serving as the assistant manager of Dolce and the choir Historian. She is also a member of Lehigh’s gender and sexuality peer education group, SPEAK, and a tutor through Lehigh’s Community Service Office at the local elementary schools.


“Music guided me to Lehigh. In my sophomore year of high school, a choir I was in, Princeton Girlchoir, was invited to partake in Steven Sametz’s “A Child’s Requiem.” This performance gave me the opportunity to see what a rehearsal/concert under Dr. Sametz was like before even attending college. Once I committed to Lehigh, I knew I had to be part of the Choral Arts program. This program has helped me grow in both confidence and leadership skills, has given me the opportunity to sing in beautiful venues internationally, and has helped me make lifelong friends.”


Peter Kennedy


Peter is a junior majoring in Music and Math. He is a member of the University Choir, Glee Club, Orchestra, Swing Dance Club, and also plays in a Dungeons and Dragons group. 


“Music has allowed me to meet students of all years and disciplines, providing me with insight into the more complex aspects of college life that you don't encounter at first. Making music with all the people in each ensemble is the most connected I feel with others while at college. We're all doing exactly the same thing at once, and we set aside everything else that's going on in our lives to do that.”


Julia Voelzke


Julia is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Environmental Studies. Besides being a member of the University Choir she also participates in Engineers Without Borders and is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. When asked about what role music has played in her college career she said:


“A huge one!! Not only has it provided me with a creative outlet for a very stressful academic career, but friends and mentors to last a lifetime. I would not be the person I am today, 3 years into college, if it weren’t for all the musical (and life) lessons that the University Choir has given me. Join!!!!!”


Sam Agro


Sam is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering / Chinese. He is a University Choir member who also plays in a Dungeons and Dragons group and coordinates with other Lehigh students interested in music through Music Box. He says that music in college has helped keep him de-stressed, make new friends, and take part in something he enjoys.


Anna Zink


Anna is a sophomore majoring in History and minoring in German. She is a member of the University Choir and Dolce. Anna says that music has formed the basis of her social life and provided lasting friendships. She advises to “Get involved! It’s the best way to make friends and find your people.”