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Fall 2022 Semester

We will be recruiting new members for the 2022-2023 academic year! More information and details on when and how exactly this will take place will be forthcoming. For an idea of how auditions have proceeded in the past, please see the following information. While attending an audition is required for joining any of the LUCA ensembles, you are welcome to join the Choral Union regardless of the results of your audition! If you are a non-student community member interested in joining the Choral Union, please contact Charis Lasky ( for more information. 

Most students who audition do so on the Friday before the first week of classes. Choral Arts auditions generally take place in the free time you have that day, between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. It is recommended that you set up an audition time slot with our Recruitment Manager, Jacob Thompson (, before your arrival. If you cannot sign up for an audition via email, current choral arts students positioned at your dorm check-in tables help you sign up for a time slot. For those of you who live close to campus, you are welcome to audition prior to Orientation weekend. Auditions may be held earlier in the week by appointment. Keep in mind that this is only encouraged if you are within driving distance of Lehigh’s campus. Students who audition earlier in the week do not have any particular advantage over those who audition over the weekend, and vice versa. If you are interested in auditioning early, feel free to contact Wendy for more information. 

During the Audition

Auditions are held on the third floor of the Zoellner Arts Center, 420 East Packer Avenue, on Lehigh’s campus.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Each audition lasts about ten minutes
  • Parents are welcome

Your audition for Lehigh Choral Arts should not be stressful or intimidating! After all, it may be first day of college, so you need to be having fun! There will be many current choral arts students helping out on that day, so there will be lots of friendly faces and encouragement as you are waiting for your audition time.

You will be singing for Doc only (no panel of judges)! He will take you through vocalization, ear training, and range exercises on piano. Doc does a wonderful job keeping things light, so you can feel at ease. If you have a piece that you enjoy singing and that you think showcases your abilities, you are welcome to bring it. This is not required, however, and does not give you any particular advantage.

All students will be placed into one of Lehigh’s choirs, either Choral Union or University Choir. Students who are placed into the University Choir are also eligible to join either Glee Club or Dolce. These results will be available Tuesday afternoon. It is imperative that you return that evening to get your results. Typically, about half of those who audition are placed in Choral Union and the other half into University Choir. Each ensemble is a 1-credit music course and can be taken for credit. Registration for these courses is done during the first week of class, once students have been placed.

After the Audition

Students who are admitted into University Choir will attend a Choral Retreat over the weekend following the first week of classes. The entire University Choir departs on the Friday after the first week of classes 30 the Choral Retreat, which is one of the longest standing traditions in LUCA history.

The Retreat is held on camp grounds only a short drive from Bethlehem. This weekend gives the freshly assembled choir an opportunity to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere through rehearsals and leisure activities. It is important that all students admitted into the University Choir come to the retreat.

Rest assured, the University is an advocate of its choir program and our annual retreat. First-year students who attend the retreat have benefited from the opportunity the retreat gives them to get to know upperclassmen as they enter Lehigh life. If you have questions or concerns about leaving campus for the weekend, please do not hesitate to contact the student Recruitment Manager, Jacob Thompson at